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Who can witness my signature and verify my identity documents?

After completing your application online, you must print your application, gather your identity documents, and then have your signature and identity documents certified as true copies of the originals.

There are two options you have for witnessing signatures and certifying documents:

  • Australia Post - You may utilise Australia Post to witnessing your signature and certify your documents as true copies of the originals. Simply take your document to the counter of any Australia Post retail outlet and sign it in the presence of an Australia Post staff member. The staff member will counter-sign your document on the spot to confirm that they witnessed you sign the document.

    Please note that additional charges payable to Australia Post apply for this option.

  • Justice of the Peace - You may utilise a Justice of the Peace to witness your signature and certify documents as true copies of the originals. JPs do not typically charge for this service.

    Find your nearest JP.

Once your documents are witnessed and verified, you will need to post all copies to us along with your MSIC application form and your Operational Need letter for processing.

Please ensure that the Australia Post agent or JP applies their SEAL and signature in Part C of the MSIC Application Form. Failure to have this information completed will delay processing of your application.

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