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How will my personal information be used?

AusCheck will coordinate a background check, by using the information you provide on this website to ask the following Government agencies for information about you:

  • The Australian Security Intelligence Agency (ASIO): If you are over 18, ASIO will check your name on a database of known persons involved with politically motivated violence. ASIO will also keep your information and use it as necessary for national security purposes.
  • CrimTrac: If you are over 18, CrimTrac will check your criminal history in the databases of all Australian legal jurisdictions and supply a copy of your criminal record to AusCheck. CrimTrac will not use your information for any other purpose.
  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC): If your Issuing Body asks, DIAC will check your citizenship status or your legal right to work in Australia. DIAC may also use your information for immigration compliance purposes.

AusCheck will use the results of these checks to advise your Issuing Body whether you have an adverse criminal history, an adverse security assessment, or are prevented for immigration reasons from being issued with an MSIC. However AusCheck will only tell your Issuing Body what is necessary for your Issuing Body to decide whether or not to issue you with an MSIC.

Your Issuing Body will not receive a copy of your security assessment. Your Issuing Body will be told about your immigration check results. AusCheck will also keep your personal information and photo (where supplied) on a database. The database can be accessed by Issuing Bodies, Maritime Industry Participants that have been authorised to issue temporary MSICs or that control access to secure areas, and Commonwealth Government authorities that have functions relating to law enforcement or national security.

Posted: 29-May-2013 03:23:49 PM

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